Living Monsoon

'Living monsoon' is a series of carefully curated deliberations on true cultures of architecture & urbanism in the tropical monsoon areas of the world - The cultures of building appropriate to the climes, environs and socio cultural dynamics of these regions with high precipitation and its specific bio diversity.

Here, the 'Monsoon' as a physical context refers to regions formed by combining the tropical monsoon and tropical rainforest climatic zones prescribed by the Koppen Geiger climatic classification system. It includes all major regions adjoining the Indian Ocean such as the entire west coast of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Philippines, Fiji, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore as well as the central and south eastern regions of Africa such as Madagascar and North western areas of South America. The events comprising & contributing to be this series are envisaged in several forms: Design talks, technical sessions, City level workshops, Live projects, Exhibitions, Movie projections etc capable of initiating meaningful engagement from the fraternity across the region.

Thus the theme forms the self-limiting framework to organize the content and sequence of events. We, intend to culminate the series in April 2017, with the MONSOON ARCHITECTURE FESTIVAL a global congregation of architects, scholars and students from the said regions. The program in envisaged to be followed by a publication featuring the content and reflections over the period, devised to be a valuable storehouse of knowledge for the reference of present and future generations. The whole exercise is intended to be of an academic bearing to equally benefit the profession, academics & research in the region.

Living Monsoon Design Talks

Within the monsoon cultural & geographical region, architecture is constantly trying to resolve the debate between standardized international architecture & standardizes local vernacular. In this debate, Living Monsoon Design Talks series brought Architects whose works were neither new nor old, but something true, to the place, people & time. Through architectural projects, which were largely conceived for the society, foregoing any pre conceived design notions or irrelevant past references, letting the project grow with its own natural pace with people and context, which have redefined the role of architect as a facilitator for society.

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