Monsoon Architecture Festival

Monsoon Architecture Festival is a celebration of architecture, art, craft and culture of the Monsoon climatic regions of the world organized by the Indian Institute of Architects (IIA), Cochin Centre. It is the culmination milestone of the Living Monsoon program of the IIA Cochin Centre.

IIA Cochin Centre has been conducting Living Monsoon Design Talk series since last two years, bringing best architectural practices, who have done path breaking climatically responsive architecture in the monsoon regions of the world, to the city of Cochin. keynote sessions brought discussions, debates and deliberations on how the architecture of the monsoon region around the world has responded to its unique climate. The sessions have built up incredible amount of thoughts, ideas and resource.

The program in envisaged to be followed by a publication featuring the content and reflections over the period, devised to be a valuable storehouse of knowledge for the reference of present and future generations.

The whole exercise is intended to be of an academic bearing to equally benefit the profession, academics & research in the region. Through Monsoon Architecture Festival (MAF), IIA Cochin Centre wishes to celebrate this at an international level. For the first time, international Monsoon Architecture Awards is being instituted in the MAF. The festival brings keynote, architects and non-architects, who have done exemplary work in the monsoon regions of the world. The festival is planned to have multiple dimensions apart from keynote such as live workshops, exhibitions, arts, crafts and cultural expressions of this unique region.

Monsoon Architecture Festival
21,22, April - 2017

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