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Stapati is an architecture practice established by Tony Joseph in 1989. Tony graduated from MIT Manipal and completed his masters in design from the University of Texas, Austin, in the Charles Moore program. Interactions and travels with Moore and his views on regional architecture had a strong influence in the direction of Tony's design. He returned to India and started Stapati, which has steadily grown into a multi-disciplinary practice emphasizing values of integrity, sustainability and innovation.

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Biennale Pavilion, the design organically evolves from the context of the site, drawing parallels to the surrounding fabric of Fort Kochi, with its adaptively reused structures. The space attempts to create a unique ambience of cultural rootedness through motifs which draws associations from our history and context – the transition of spaces, gathering courts, celebrations, tactile sensations, traditional constructs and typologies. They bring up subconscious images like the kalarithara, the 'uru' supported on poles, the muttam, a temporary sports gallery etc, which bring up nostalgic references.

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